Welcome to Insects of Papua New Guinea!

My name is James Wareing and I am currently working in conservation in the Torricelli Mountain Range of Papua New Guinea. The goal of this site is not to offer a comprehensive record of the insects of Papua New Guinea, a fanciful task in any event, but merely to serve as a record of what I have seen. I am by no means an entomologist, but rather an amateur naturalist with emphasis on the amateur. For the identifications, I am largely indebted to the iNaturalist community, which comes both with gratitude and with the natural caveat that some identifications may not be correct.

The website is divided into pages covering the various insect orders. Within these pages subheaders delineate the families. I have tried to narrow down the ID as low as possible, but where no identifier to an image appears, it is currently at family level. Most pages also include a 'Family Unknown' section, for which no family is known. Any assistance with these would be greatly appreciated. The habitat is montane cloud rainforest, with the elevation varying between 500-1400m. Most observations recorded are towards the lower end of this altitudinal scale.

Any feedback, especially in relation to identifications, is always gratefully received. I would also welcome the use of my photos, should the appropriate credit naturally be given.